Katy & Tommy’s Wedding

You’re all in for a special treat! The words that follow are from the bride herself and her recollection of her beautiful wedding day which was on the 22nd November 2014

On the night before my wedding I barely slept. I don’t know if it was nerves or excitement or both. I had waited 36 years to find my husband, and after some trying times together, I truly believed we deserved an amazing day. And we definitely got it. However, like many wedding days it was not without drama.

Firstly it rained on and off all morning, and of course we had planned an outdoor wedding. My grandmother, who had recently passed, was a cheeky woman and we chose to believe that she was bringing the rain. Deliberately making me worry and having a good chuckle about it. The rain cleared an hour before the wedding and incredibly the sun came out as well.

My cars were beautiful and a donation from a car club my father in law had belonged too. He had also passed very recently from a short and unexpected battle with cancer. We left my mothers home in plenty of time for the wedding and arrived in the Glenelg area early. I was so eager to walk down the aisle that I would have been delighted to be early, but I was told that brides should be late. That meant a stop at the nearest servo, which according to my nervously waiting fiancĂ© ended up making us 20 minutes late. He still hasn’t let me forget that.

Then there was my flower girl, who was adorable and at the rehearsal had thrown her petals directly at people. We thought it was hilarious and thought she would do the same on the day to some unassuming guests. She is quite an individual however and walked about five steps before upturning the basket and tipping all the petals onto the ground.

We chose to have a short ceremony, held in the rotunda off Colley Reserve, and wrote our own vows. They were far from traditional but exactly what we wanted. There was plenty of laughter and some tears. We had a short break for photos which put Ryan under considerable pressure but to his credit he was amazing and managed some beautiful photos for us. Our reception was nearby to the ceremony in the Beachouse Function Centre. The staff were amazing and looked after us well. We had every member of the bridal party make a speech, but on a two minutes time limit. Since they all knew us in different ways we wanted to give people a rounded idea of who we were apart and who we had become now that we were together. They did a great job and all my girls made me cry. Cows. My new husband and I made a speech together, which was emotional for us with our recent family losses. But weirdly, (although not really weird if you know us) the speech ended with the whole crowd singing a very loud rendition of Payneham Norwood Unions club song.

After the speeches the night did get a little messy, but we did manage a lovely first dance to ‘It Started With a Kiss’. We didnt choreograph it, and we didn’t do any spectacular dance moves. That was our choice, we wanted to enjoy it, and just be together as husband and wife without having to worry about messing up a routine. It was special for us.

All in all I had an amazing day that I will never forget and I got to marry my soulmate. Yes there were dramas and it wasn’t perfect, but I have always gone with the flow, and tried hard to do the same on my wedding day. I knew we would find a way to make everything work out, so I didn’t worry. It went so fast, and it was hard to find time to take it all in. I am so pleased we had someone there to take photos for us and give us a beautiful reminder of the day. That is was I will treasure. Long after my memory fades, our photos will be around as proof that we had a very special day.

– Katy


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